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by Chantelle Betts - Care Co-ordinator

I have sent out the ASCOT customer survey by post at the end of October 2018. By mid-November we had 29 responses, so my immediate action was to contact customers to chase return of the surveys.

I spent time with some customers going through the survey over the phone, as some were unable to get family to support them filling it in. Some customers were unable to locate their surveys so I re sent to 6 of our customers.

During the phone calls, some customers stated they felt the survey was not relevant to their circumstances, so I explained to them that the survey was not compulsory, but we sent it out to get a general idea of how our customers feel.

By the end of November we had 42 results to investigate of a customer base of 72: meaning over half of our customers completed the survey.

Below I have recorded the customers that have displayed they may need support with some of the questions asked in the survey.

27.11.18 I visited one of our customers that felt they were in need of more social support, I had a conversation with this customer and suggested a few things she may enjoy (day centre) She asked me to try and see if she could be referred for a social call once a week to improve her social support as family no longer get chance to visit her. I have referred this to the Social Care team.


30.11.18 I visited another customer to complete his annual review and whilst I was there, I discussed his ASCOT results. In the survey he stated that he felt “completely undermined” in the way he was treated. I explained that this result has set off alarm bells for us hence the review being booked ahead of schedule. After discussing this with him it became apparent that this was an error made by his wife, he stated that he really likes his carers that he sees regularly, he stated that he feels less about himself for having the carers, but they try very hard to reassure him and that they treat him with dignity and respect at all times.



From analysing the results below the table shows that majority of our customers feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings and require no need for extra support. For the customers that require support I will continue to monitor and attend visits or refer to external professionals if required.

I will conduct another survey in March 2019

Chantelle Betts

Care Co-ordinator