The Care Company Owner Kay Gynane

I’m Kay Gynane the owner and sole Director of The Care Company. I work in the business every day and I’m very proud of the business I’ve developed with my team, taking us into our 10th year of trading. I’m personally responsible for the Agency side of the business filling the shifts, interviewing new staff, overseeing the business in general and attending meetings with the Council and the bank. Occasionally I help to cover care shifts in the community which helps to keep me in touch with the changing needs of the business. I would never ask any of my staff to do anything I’m not prepared to do myself and I am always available to talk to staff and customers any time of the day and night.

How we care for people matters to me. A very long time ago I left school to train as a nurse at Great Ormond Street hospital. Although I didn’t complete my course and qualify (disappointed mum and dad) the interest in care has remained with me. I’ve enjoyed a fantastic career which has covered roles in sales, marketing, training and project management.  I started this business because I was fed up with a corporate working life including commuting to London from Stafford daily.

Whilst I lived in Stafford my 88-year-old Nan came to live with me as she lost the sight in one eye following a nasty fall and was unable to remain living on her own. She was fiercely (quite rightly) independent and reluctantly accepted the need for help with carers at home. We had support from community carers, a live-in carer and then she moved herself to a nursing home due to my husband’s failing health. My Nan spent the last 15 months of her life living in a nursing home – one of which we now provide ad-hoc care and nursing staff. During staff inductions I tell new starters about my Nan: I remind them that a care home is now that person’s home and it should be respected as such and that all the residents should be treated how they would want their parents or grandparents to be treated. The same applies to our carers working in people’s own homes.

The year before I started this business I sadly lost my 45 year old husband to a brain tumour following 13 years of pioneering treatment. Over these 13 years I met many health professionals reigniting my interest in care – I felt the need to make a difference.

I am passionate, for example, about dignity and people being allowed to die in their own home. In my Nan’s day this was quite normal and the main purpose of the front room in most homes. I found I had to fight health professionals to allow my husband to die at home – which was his wish.

Eight years ago I met Peter who is my partner. We now live near Llangollen with our 2 dogs. We moved to enjoy the fabulous countryside around where we live and to further explore Wales. Peter joined the business around 7.5 years ago and works behind the scenes responsible for the smooth running of the business. His remit is to keep all computers and systems working, market and promote our company and most importantly assist with paying our staff –and correctly!

We work hard as a team to make sure customer complaints are kept to a minimum. We nip issues in the bud as soon as we can because we care. I can remember the very first customer complaint I attended in someone’s home. I was accused by a frustrated relative of sitting there in my business suit not caring and not possibly being able to understand what she was going through.

Her husband had declining health and was dissatisfied with his care package. I was able to say straightaway, actually, I do very much understand and I personally know how that feels. I make sure we carefully consider how we can overcome any issues and as a management team accept it’s a lesson learned so we don’t repeat the same mistake again.

The Care Company will remain my business – we are here to stay. We will continue to fight our daily battles with Covid challenges and ensure everyone we look after and our staff feel safe and confident to carry out their duties. We want to deliver a great service and are constantly focusing on being the best that we can be through offering continued training to our staff in order to deliver excellent customer service whilst achieving a profitable business.

We are always open to suggestions and new ideas so please let us know if you have any.

The Care Company - Registered Homecare Manager - Sarah Adams

I’m Sarah Adams Registered Manager for The Care Company.

I was part of a small team here who commenced the home care side to this business back in Winter 2014.

My care career started back in 2000. Sadly, I lost my father to terminal cancer. At the time I worked for a large chemical company where I can now say I was unhappy in my job. I felt no sense of job fulfilment and felt very much like a number and not a person. After losing my Father and seeing the wonderful work people do in the healthcare sector I embarked my own career within the sector.

My First care role was in a large Nursing home close to where I lived. Things were very different back then as it was before any police checks. I attended an interview on a Friday and started work the next day. Thrown in at the deep end was an understatement, I remember being instructed to ‘go to room 4 and wash and dress the person’ I didn’t even know where room 4 was and certainly did not know how to support a person with their care. I went into room 4 after getting lost several times and was faced with a very frail lady in bed fast asleep with the curtains closed. I tried to wake the lady but she was so fast asleep she didn’t know I was there. I didn’t know if I could turn on the lights and didn’t want to startle her. Looking around her room for clothes and toiletries, seeing her personal belongings it suddenly dawned on me that  I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I felt very unsupported during my time here and sadly it was a typical tale within this sector. I left after 9 months but gained some excellent experience in how not to do things!!

I started working within the community care sector as a carer. I did this role for 7 years which I enjoyed very much. I received the right training and the right support to do the job properly. I gained invaluable experience understanding the sector, how to provide the best care and learning about people with different medical conditions. I completed other roles within this job such as senior work, reviewing the customers care plans and observing other staff members some which were new to the sector. I enjoyed this nurturing aspect of the job and felt that it benefited the work force.

Following this I had my first baby Ashton. I took some time out to care for my bundle of joy! I returned to the sector as a Care Coordinator which enabled me to learn about the sector from an administration perspective. I decided this was a long-term job for me and decided to complete my managers’ degree.

Once completed I embarked on my career as a manager. I felt well equipped not only had I completed my qualifications but I had gained experience as a care worker, senior care worker and care co-ordinator.

Working for a large organization I was challenged with opening a new branch in Wolverhampton. Wow what a challenge that was! Day one I arrived at the beautifully new decorated office with one desk, one phone and one computer. I was tasked with recruiting new carers as I had none and finding customers who needed care. Little by little I made headway. My first customer was very complex, from providing a good service and gaining a good reputation the business quickly grew. We were the fastest growing branch within the company. I look back at my time here very positively.

Baby number 2 arrived , little Lucas. The traveling to Wolverhampton daily was no longer an option for me so I became the Quality Manager. I enjoyed this role but missed the hustle and bustle of managing a busy office.

I then moved to an organization closer to home. During a council meeting I met Kay Gynane the owner of  The Care Company and instantly knew she was passionate about providing high quality care. Straight away after our chance encounter I knew I would end up working for Kay. It was the right time for me to move on as I had not been happy within my role for some time.

In June 2018 I gave birth to my daughter Isla and enjoyed time with her on maternity leave.

In January 2019 I returned to work and now enjoying tackling the regulatory element of my role to ensure we are compliant as a business

My team now provide around 3000 visits within the borough of Staffordshire and Stoke. I am equally as passionate as Kay in providing quality care, and feel we have adopted an ethos within the company that we care for the staff as much as we do our customers. Within our team we have a wealth of experience and we are committed to supporting a stable service during difficult times within the health care sector. Let the journey continue!!

The Care Company - Deputy Manager Homecare - Wendy Bailey

I’m Wendy Bailey. I am the Deputy Manager of The Care Company for homecare

I’ve worked for the company since February 2015 and over the  years I have supported the company to grow. I am very proud to be a part of our Team. I work full time in and out of the Office. Part of my job role is to visit our customers and listen to them and their families if they have any problems and then find a way to solve them. I take my job role very seriously and if I cannot solve the problem I will find a man or woman that can!

My husband is Paul who is just amazing and supports me with everything. I am also a mum of 3. I have 2 daughters Chloe  and Sophie  who have both grown up to be beautiful young ladies, I also have a son Dan who is such a caring young man. I am so proud of them all and they bring me so much happiness. As a child when I was asked what do you want to be when you grow up? Well it was always very simple ..I want to be a mum. This is the most important job I have. I am now a Nana of two beautiful little ones Oakley James and Aribella Grace-  I absolutely love these two to bits.

I also have a Border Collie named Lucy. She is the Boss of the Family. Well she thinks she is. Lucy also takes her job role very seriously I suppose this is the Collie in her, she is always in the middle of whatever is going on in the house and always voicing her opinions…. well barking her opinions, and she is always the first one to the door to greet everyone.

When I am not working I like socializing with my friends or doing something as a family.

I am a Big Stoke City supporter and a season card holder. Yes, go on I know what some of you may say ‘Someone has to be’.

We’ll all I’m saying is it could be a lot worse I could support Port Vale…

The Care Company - Operations Manager - Peter Dabrowski

Hi, I am Peter Dabrowski…Piotr actually as I was born in Poland. I am an Operations Manager in The Care Company.

My background is sales and then business and management but have experience with the healthcare sector whilst working within a couple of big government health research programs in Poland: Polish-American Breast Cancer Research Program, Asbestos Related Diseases research and Asbestos Removal planning programs. I was a part of the research team at Institute of Occupational Medicine in my hometown of Lodz. I’ve had a varied career both in Poland, Norway and Germany in all possible trades and now the UK.

In 2013 I arrived in the UK looking for some change in professional and private life and in early in 2014 I met Kay.

In August 2014 I have moved to Gnosall from Northampton. It was not easy for a big city guy to settle in a village but well here I am. We live together and work together in the company trying not to mix professional and private live (which believe me is not an easiest thing to achieve in any relationship). At the start of 2020 we moved to Llangollen which is fabulous area. I love taking hundreds of photos and the scenery around where we live offers me plenty of opportunities.

When I have started it was a second year of the business run at the time by a small team of two (Kay and Office Admin - Lauren), in tiny office upstairs with sloped floor and chairs rolling against the walls when left unattended. I was chuffed from the start with the positive energy and drive Kay had to make this business work and grow but most of all with the values she wanted this company to represent in care service. So, when Kay asked me to join this small team and try the challenge of care industry it was "no brainer" and I said yes straight away! And here we are in 2022 with good team of dedicated people and with some 2500 care visits a week and more than thousand hours of weekly care provided.…I didn`t expect that…nobody would!

As Operations Manager for the company I am working hard to keep the wheels turning. I’m involved in a lot of different things from helping carers who got stuck somewhere in the field in deep mud to maintenance of the premises IT and then further to finance. IT and computers were always my hobby (unfortunately!) so one of my tasks is to keep all the equipment, phones, laptops and systems alive and talking to each other without any interruption but as they are very naughty creatures that I must resuscitate periodically bringing them back to life.

When I hear out loud “Peter…I need help here!” from the other corner of the office I know something is wrong with phone or laptop ha-ha

I have 25 years old daughter Sophie who after studying social care at University in Poland now works helping children in a home and got engaged last year. My parents also live in Poland. As a hobby I ride sport bikes. I have started when I was about 10 on little moped and now finally have my own powerful beauty superbike Suzuki GSXR1000R which was always my dream bike. I ride with bunch of friends eating miles around Wales and Midlands…


Hi I am Rebecca Lotinga, but everyone calls me Becky. I am the administrator based at the Gnosall office. I joined The Care Company in March 2020. I had no experience of working in the care sector before this, but since joining I have learnt a lot. I am very proud to be part of such a hardworking team, who are supportive and want you to grow.

My job role involves day-to-day compliance, making sure Homecare carers, agency carers and nurses are ready to go out to work and anything else that needs to be achieve in the office. I take my job role seriously and luckily it involves a lot of organisation ... which I am good at !

Before I started working at The Care Company, I studied English Language at the University of Chester for nearly 3 years. I left this after deciding it was no longer for me. I moved back home to live with my family and puglier named Boris. In my spare time I like to be out and about socialising with my friends and family, watching different TV documentaries and reading a good book.


I am Beth Dawson, the Care Coordinator for the Burslem Office.

I started with The Care Company in February 2018 as a care worker, I then started on call for the company in June 2018 and eventually progressed to becoming the Coordinator in March 2019.

My day-to-day job role includes speaking to new or existing clients and their family members, covering shifts and taking on new packages.      I feel as though it is important for me to listen and deal with any concerns that anyone in the company may have, whether it be big or small. There are a lot of other aspects to my job role, but my favourite part of the job has to be making new runs and expanding in different areas. The quality of care that we as a company provide is highly important for me and I have a lot of pride in what I do.

Not only is my job a big part of my life, but so are my friends and family. Out of the office I enjoy going out and socialising. Another big part of my life is my godchild Jax, I thoroughly enjoy spending a lot of my time outside of work with him and watching him grow up into a lovely young lad.


I’m Charlotte Millar, everyone calls me Charley. I am the Care Co-ordinator based at the Stafford office.


I joined The Care Company team early 2017. Although my care career started several years before this. 

There are so many aspects to my job but for me going out meeting our customers is my favourite part. I feel it’s important to listen whether it’s over the phone or face to face.  I get to meet amazing people, carers, and the people we care for and they inspire me to continue working hard to ensure all our customers and staff are happy and safe. Everyday sets new challenges but with such a supportive team challenges are easily overcome. I am very passionate and take pride in the work we do.

At home I moved to a new flat at the start of 2021 with Lola my beautiful King Charles dog, so I am enjoying getting used to a new area and decorating my own place. I enjoy the simple things in life taking Lola for a walk, reading a good book and taking photos of the family (when they let me) or just a nice scenery.


Hello. My name is Alexandra Mocan, everyone calls me Alex.  I am the Finance Administrator of the company. I have started working for the company since end of November 2020 but already I feel that I am part of this lovely family.

I have graduated the Accountancy University in the country where I was born, Romania and since I have been working in different positions.  In the last two years I have studied Business Administration and worked as Production and Purchasing Assistant, but accountancy was always in my heart and that is the reason I have decided to join the company and build an accountancy career. ​

In 2013 I have arrived in the UK together with my husband Alex (yes, his name is Alexandru) looking for some changes in our professional lives. I have a beautiful and smart daughter. Her name is Maria, and she makes me feel that life is beautiful and we can achieve anything if we really want it.

In my spare time I love to spend time in nature with my daughter and my husband. I love the long walks and I love travelling.  The other things that keep me fit and energetic are aerobics classes and bouncing on rebound boots on mood-busting music.


Amanda Price_edited.jpg

Hi, my name is Amanda Price. I am The Care Company's trainer.


I'm fairly new to The Care Company, joining the team in July 2021. 


My working background has mainly been in Accounting. I fell into care by accident as I took a care assistant post as a second job and realised that I love care and so, changed career.

I have two grown up children Rebecca and Matthew, my partner Paul and Rosie the cat. When I'm not working or training I love to hang out with family and friend, going out or curling up on the sofa watching a film.