Homecare Care Worker Feedback Survey

May / June 2020

Kay Gynane - Director/Business Owner

I want to thank the 42 out of 65 who responded to my anonymous staff survey in May. 

That’s a 65% response rate.

It would be great to increase this response rate next time – I cannot act on issues or change things if you don’t speak up.


It was great that 85% of you feel:

  • Valued

  • That your job requirements are clear and you have the training to do your job

  • Listened to by Sarah & Wendy

  • You could mention the Company to a friend about joining us

  • You understand PPE requirements and infection control measures relevant to dealing with Covid 19


Just over 80% of you feel trusted that electronic call monitoring has been relaxed at present by the Councils and 80 % of you felt it could be removed completely.

I was concerned that 5 carers didn’t feel they had the correct knowledge or guidance with respect to Covid 19 guidance and whilst I appreciate they might have ticked the wrong response if you are one of these 5 and my assumption is wrong perhaps you could let me know so we can support you further.


In the survey there were a couple of sections for you to feedback what you liked about the Company and areas you thought we could change or improve.


The areas for change/improvement covered:

  • Induction training/shadowing

  • Lack of customer knowledge for new carers and existing carers on a change of run

  • Not being able to see the notes on your app in advance of your rostered day at work


I have delayed issuing this feedback until early June as I wanted to implement a few changes as a result of this feedback and check they are working.

Due to Covid 19 we’ve had to dramatically change classroom training sessions to adhere to social distancing guidance. Extra training is offered online and extra shadowing is offered instead. The classroom training covers the mandatory areas and some practical modules. Charley (Stafford Care Co-Ordinator) suggested a shadowing checklist which I created and trialed over last few weeks letting the shadowing carer both “see” and “do” the tasks on the checklist.

The other area you wanted an improvement on was initial customer knowledge so you’re forewarned ahead of a care visit.

You can now read the notes on your app on your phone the day/s or morning before you go to work; meaning you are not walking blind into a call. The app provider has restructured the notes section so you have a general section and then call guidance split into AM, LUNCH, TEA, PM as applicable. This should make the notes clearer for you to read either as an existing or a new carer.

If these app notes are used in conjunction with the previous days notes in the Daily Record Book then you should have current knowledge about your customer.

Please take a few brief minutes to read these notes as it will ensure you’re more informed, prepared and effective in your care visits meaning both you and your customer are satisfied with the care delivery.


I’ve always valued and acted upon feedback as we cannot improve this business without it. You are the ones doing the job and if I can improve or change anything that makes the care delivery better for our customers then let me know. You can phone, text or email me at any time.

Kay Gynane